What is Multi-Voice Radio?

Multi-Voice Radio is a wireless communication system that is more advanced than two-way radios.

Ideal for localized groups between 4-100 people who need the most effective communication possible.


Two-way Radios only allow one person to talk, all others are blocked.

With the Multi-Voice Radio system anyone can talk when needed, just like a telephone conference call, no jamming and no blocking.

Communication is:     • Faster     • Clearer     • Easier

With two-way radios you need to hold down a PTT (Push To Talk) button.

This is not the case with Multi-Voice Radio. You can talk and have your hands free to do your tasks.

Improve:     • Safety     • Efficiency     • Teamwork

The Multi-Voice Radio System has 16 hours of battery life to keep you going. Built from the strongest components, it will provide constant communication.

All data is encrypted to keep your conversations private and secure. No other device can listen in and no other radios can hijack your group.